by Nguyen Van Song 1OrcID,Thai Van Ha 2,*,Tran Duc Thuan 3,Nguyen Van Hanh 4,Dinh Van Tien 2,Nguyen Cong Tiep 1,Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong 5,Phan Anh Tu 6OrcID andTran Ba Uan 7

In this research, we planned and conducted estimations for developing a pilot-scale Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project for group plant activities in the Vietnam electricity/energy sector. The overall aim of this paper is to assess the power generation potential of rice husk power plants in the Mekong Delta. We intend to set up a rice husk energy balance flowchart for the whole Mekong River Delta in the year 2021 and suggest policies that can be used for the power generation of unused rice husk, to avoid having them pollute rivers and canals. We put forward a safe and environmentally friendly solution to thoroughly minimize the current serious pollution of rivers and canals in the Mekong River Delta caused by the increasing quantity of unused rice husk. The results of this paper are based on the estimation of electricity potential of a group of rice husk power development plants in the Mekong River Delta with a capacity of 11 MW per plant, including carbon dioxide emission reductions (CERs) and CER credits, along with estimations of their economic criteria (NPV, B/C, IRR), both W/CDM and W/O CDM. View Full-Text